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The LUMBA + lumbar vertebral decompressor is a new device that will help you eliminate back pain. With just a few minutes a day, and from the comfort of your home, you will be able to mitigate and even end, depending on the case, your sciatica or any other back pain derived from an ailment caused by compression of the vertebrae.

With the LUMBA + lumbar vertebral decompressor, you will achieve stretching in the axis of the spine, in a simple and safe way, which will restore blood circulation at the level of each disc. This will help to regenerate the discs and regain their volume so that they can return to their function as a shock absorber.

The padded abdominal bar, located just below the waist, acts as a retainer while the supports behind the arms, assisted by the user's own weight when leaning forward, produce a gentle but noticeable stretch in the spine and muscles. hamstrings.

The tilt movement should be carried out smoothly and progressively and, if necessary, make the relevant adjustments to both the abdominal bar and the height of the decompressor and the opening of the arm supports, until a comfortable position is found that allows the user keep stretching for 2 or 3 minutes.

During exercise and to facilitate relaxation of the muscles and maximize stretching and the effects of decompression, a control of breathing must be maintained, which must be slow and deep. The lumbar vertebral decompressor is indicated for people between 150 and 190 cm tall.

General measurements (height x width x length):

69-115 cm x 58 cm x 80-115 cm. Weight: 9 Kg