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  • ELLIPTICAL ELLIPTICAL DESK MOTION PORTABLE AND EFFICIENT: Elliptical foot pedal for passive or active gymnastics. DESK MOTION ECO-DE. Take it wherever you want, it is lightweight and portable. Ideal for improving your physical condition and also for the injury recovery process. You can use the DESK MOTION ECO-DE elliptical with or without electrical power (it also works without the need for a plug in its active gymnastics mode).
  • MULTIFUNCTION: Automatic and manual function (adjustable speed and direction of the pedals) allows you to adjust the intensity level of your exercise. 20 levels of Power Speed. Adjustable time from 5 to 30 minutes.
  • Built-in LED monitor. Time, distance, pedal stroke and calorie counter. SCAN: displays the values ​​one by one or changes from one to the other every five seconds. MODE: Choose the function you want to see fixedly (Time-Distance-Speed-Pedaled-Calories) FUNCTION: Three automatic settings (P1-P3) and manual mode (HA). DIRECTION: Selection of the direction of rotation (forward and reverse) Remote control to change settings without bending over.
  • Textured non-slip pedals with headband, facilitate leg movement and improve blood circulation. It can also be used to strengthen the muscles of the arms by pedaling with the hands instead of the feet. Anti-slip textured surface for greater comfort, firmness and safety during your training. You will be able to adjust its support bands for a better fixation of the foot.
  • SILENT TECHNOLOGY: Offers a smooth, non-aggressive gliding motion. ECO-QUIET silent system, You can enjoy the comfort of exercising without disturbing those around you. Recommended for senior users, with reduced mobility. LARGE SURFACE pedals, enlarged surface for all sizes. Pedal size 32x11 centimeters Use only while seated.