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ECO-808 X-Top Magnet Bike with control panel and 8 levels of resistance

Ref.: ECO-808

Folding magnetic bike of great resistance. It helps to exercise the lower part of the body safely, in addition to complete cardiovascular training of the legs, hips and buttocks.

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Folding magnetic bicycle of great resistance. It allows to exercise the lower body without risk, in addition to a complete cardiovascular training of legs, hips and buttocks

Static bicycle folding with magnetic operation. more agile and silent pedaling heart rate monitor that shows the heart rate during training. LCD screen showing time, speed, calories consumed, distance traveled and heart rate. Integrated SCAN function

8 Variable resistance levels to simulate plains and mountains. Inertia flywheel 3 Kg. The best smooth belt transmission. Easy movement thanks to its transport wheels. Saddle of maximum comfort of advanced ergonomics to achieve an optimal training position, thanks to its design and its fully adjustable elements. Pedals with straps for safety and maximum comfort.

Any cardiovascular exercise that is practiced will be good for the health, since they help to improve the cardiac rhythm, besides contributing to lose weight and to burn the fat. It helps to improve cardiovascular rhythm. Contributes to lower calories. Increase blood pressure The muscles of the arms and legs are toned and remain flexible. To maintain physical health it is recommended to do it three times a week

Measures product 118x53.5x97 cm

Power / Frequency 220/230 V 50-60 HZ 70W

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