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ECO-CHI-521 Electric fireplace, 1800 W with Adjustable thermostat

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REAL FINISH The ECO-CHI-522 electric fireplace is an elegant complement ideal for your home. With its matt finish, metal handles look like a real fireplace, but without smoke emissions or cleaning.

REAL FIRE APPEARANCE: When lit it gives life to a beautiful simulation of flames, which floods the room with a warm light, as if it were a real fireplace. Without dragging wood or getting dirty, just by pressing a button you can create the atmosphere of a fireplace.

EASY HANDLING: All controls are discreetly integrated in the front. Pressing a button turns on the heating unit. You can regulate the intensity of the heat by 2 powers of 900W each; 1800W in total.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: It is not only possible to adapt the heating power continuously. The flame effect can also be controlled very easily, so that the flames can be set smaller or larger according to your personal preference.

EASY ASSEMBLY: So that nothing interferes with the romantic atmosphere, the electric fireplace is very quiet. In addition to that, it does not have to be mounted on the wall, just stop it with the support legs you can put it in the room as you wish.


Data sheet

Size (cm)
39x26x55 cm
Box Size (cm)
43x30x60 cm
Weight (Kg)
7 kg
Power (W)
1800W (900+900)