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ECO-2590 treadmill 1000watts, control panel, automatic shutdown system

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With your ECO-DE® treadmill you can do at home one of the most beneficial to your health; walk.

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With the ECO-DE treadmill you can perform one of the most beneficial exercises for your health at home; walk. The advantages of the treadmill are numerous: You can practice physical activity even if you lack time or lack of space outdoors. The treadmill cushions the pace and limits the effort the back is subjected to. Folding machine to facilitate storage. Ideal for rehabilitation centers.

Connect the plug to the corresponding power supply, place the magnet of the emergency device in its place on the control panel and press the power switch located on the lower rear part of the machine. (Behind the base of the tape). Press the MODE button repeatedly to choose the type of training based on: 1.Time: 10, 20 or 30 minutes. 2. Speed: 1-10 km / h Program: 0, 1, 2 and 3.

To change the mode shown on the screen and see the other function options, press the mode button on the control panel and the display will show with a light (Speed, time, distance, programs, pulse and calories). If you choose the scan option, the information will automatically change so every 5 seconds showing all the information of speed, time, distance and calories without having to press any function button.

4 adjustable programs Cardiovascular sensor. Motor power: 1000W. LCD screen: Speed ​​/ distance / time / calories / scan / pulsations / programs. Speed: 1KM / H - 10KM / H. Track size: 98x36 cm. It can be folded manually. Emergency stop key / safety clip.

Measures product 125 x 62 x 115 cm

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