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ECO-350 Vertical Vacuum cleaner, 5 Multi Cyclonic Accessories, 800w HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon

Ref.: ECO-350

Absolut Vertical is a bagless vertical broom vacuum, its great functionality makes it a handy vacuum cleaner with the push of a button

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Absolut Vertical is a bagless vertical broom vacuum, its great functionality makes it a practical handheld vacuum with the push of a button. It is a maximum power vacuum cleaner, with the highest performance on the market, fully ergonomic, versatile, compact and comfortable to use. In its careful design has been thought in every detail to facilitate the cleaning of the house.

MULTI CYCLONIC SYSTEM The unique cyclonic system ensures that the suction power of the vacuum cleaner remains unchanged over time, regardless of the hours of use of the equipment. Maximum power and total efficiency always like the first day.

HEPA FILTER It includes a filtration system formed by a high efficiency air filter (HEPA). This system is able to capture up to 99% of allergens, pollen, dust mites and dust particles in the dirt, thus bringing the air back into the environment. Purify the air, take care of your health and your well-being avoid possible allergic reactions and other types of diseases.

* 5 Accessories: Broom: cleaning all types of soles, wet and dry cleaning. Textile brush: ideal for sofas, bedding, curtains, eliminates the hair of pets. control keypads Fine round nozzle: carpet suction, car ... Corner brush: skirting boards, manparas, bathrooms * Maximum tank capacity 1.2 liters Double filtrate: Fitro Hepa and Carbon Active washable filter.

* Its 2 filters (HEPA and Active Carbon) retain about 99.9% of bacteria and allergens present it is also washable and reusable, which guarantees maximum hygiene for your home, Take care of your whole family * Energy class A low cost in electricity 

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