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ECO-354 Solid and liquid vacuum cleaner Blower Wet & Dry 1800 W HEPA filter

Ref.: ECO-354

The Wet and Dry ECO-DE® absorbs all kinds of particles, making vacuuming a more efficient task, both in soil and in air. The cyclonic system means that the vacuum cleaners do not lose suction power, this means that the force with which they absorb does not descend at any time, and therefore, they can trap even the smallest specks. Thanks to this system you can vacuum liquids and solids.

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High power solids and liquids vacuum cleaner 1400W and weight of 8 kg. Washable HEPA filter (purifies the air) and water filter. It guarantees a complete and total cleaning of all the dirt, even the most complicated. You can quickly remove all traces of dirt from your home, including liquids.

Take the opportunity to clean the air while using your ECO-354 vacuum cleaner. The aspirated air passes through two different filtration stages, a HEPA filter and a water filter that are responsible for retaining up to 99.9% of bacteria, allergens, dust and pollen present in the aspirated dirt.

Suitable for all types of surfaces thanks to its variety of accessories for the vacuum and blowing. Floor brush, liquid squeegee, corner nozzle, fabric brush and duster brush.

Large capacity vacuum cleaner, without bag, and with 5 meter cable for greater access to all corners. Get a total vacuum control and a completely efficient cleaning, you can select the power level.

With its five interchangeable accessories you can remove dirt accumulated even in the last corner of your home. The accessories included with the Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner are the following: hard floor brush, parquet brush, fabric accessory, multi-purpose brush and corner brush, plus 4 wheels for greater stability and movement.

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