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ECO-304 EMS Electric muscle stimulator stretched electric compact double stretched without cables

Ref.: ECO-304

COMPACT Tense Double is a modern dual contact muscle stimulation system.

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You can apply on any group of muscles at any time. COMPACT Tense Double is one of the most technologically advanced muscular electrostimulation equipment market. You just have to put the spots on the dry skin in a given muscle group and select an intense formation of any of the muscles of the body.

- The best way to exercise without effort or fatigue.

- Apply anywhere, anytime.

- You have a dream body has never been so easy.

- By using the latest technology, Mini Double Tense can reach the central area of the muscle you want.

- Works with rechargeable battery via USB or adapter.

- Includes four patches (use 2 + 2 spares)

- Power: 200mW

12 x 1,5 x 10 cm

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