ECO-3SM Viscoelastic Mattress Baicent Lavender Flower with Massage System 8 Vibrators - Available in all sizes

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Excellent visco elastic mattress with separate massage in two zones. Reversible mattress; one coated side of memory foam and the other of 3D fabric

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The Lavender Flower Mattress with ECO -DE® massage has all the features to be the perfect mattress. Combines viscoelastic material and 3D tissue, maintains proper alignment of the spine and body during rest, and reduces pressure points. As if that were not enough, it has an internal massage system that will make rest your favorite moment of the day. The Lavender Flower Mattress with ECO -DE® Massage features 3D fabric that facilitates lateral movement and air exchange with your own inertia when you turn or change position. The 3D fabric regulates air, humidity and hygiene thanks to its anti-mite properties and hypoallergenic properties. Its 2 cm high density viscoelastic material gives an incomparable feeling of weightlessness. This results in improved circulation, and better quality. It is especially recommended for people suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, scoliosis, kyphosis, and all kinds of ailments that require adequate rest. The Lavender Flower Mattress with ECO -DE® massage does not use springs and ensures maximum adaptability and comfort with ergonomic and anatomical design. Uses the best natural and organic components that offer maximum breathability and the correct position of your body.

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MATELAS HAUT DE GAMME: Combine them with a viscoelastic material and a 3D fabric, maintaining the alignement of the vertical colon and the corps pendant the rest, reducing the pressure points.

INTEGRATED ECO-DE MASSAGE TECHNOLOGY: Baicen MASSAGER mattresses have 8 to 16 * high-tech vibromotors for neck, lumbar, back and leg massage.

INNOVATIVE VISCOELASTIC FOAMS: high density provides an incomparable sensation of weightlessness, facilitating rest, making it restful.

REVERSIBLE, WINTER / SUMMER FACE: Baicen model mattresses are REVERSIBLE. The winter side is made of high-density visco-elastic foam that offers perfect support to all parts of the body and favors the feeling of weightlessness during sleep. The summer side is composed of a 3D fabric that improves the breathability of the mattress avoiding excess heat at night

100% BREATHABLE. ECO-DE mattresses are made of fabrics that regulate the temperature at night. They avoid excess heat and the concentration of humidity, an essential requirement for a comfortable and pleasant sleep.