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ECODE Body Plate 3000 oscillating platform with 50 levels and pulsometer ECO-514

Ref.: ECO-514

Enjoy the many benefits of training with the "Body Plate 3000" platform, many different training options and easy use and storage.

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The vibrating vibrating platform "BODY PLATE 3000" by ECO-DE® improves the muscular system and thus allows a better circulation of the blood. Through training with BODY PLATE, metabolism reaches a higher level, improving fat burning and increasing basal metabolism.

Remote Control.

50 speed levels

4 programs (1 manual and 3 automatic)

programmable up to 15 minutes

30 millimeters of oscillation

• Improves blood and lymphatic circulation.

• Oxygenates tissues and eliminates toxins.

• Reduces body fat and tones.

• Removes cellulite

• Increases bone mineral density.

• Increases muscle strength and flexibility.

• Develops physical power.

• Prepares the body before the sport activity.

• Quickly recover muscle fatigue.

• Prevents and rehabilitates wounds.

• Improves the balance.

65 x 13 x 35 cm / Power / Freq 2000W - 50 / 60Hz

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