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ECO-698 Cool Air Conditioner (70W) Heating (2Kw), Portable, Remote Control, Purifier, Humidifier, Timer

Ref.: ECO-698

The air conditioner ECO-698 ECO-DE® is a conditioner that integrates five functions: heating, cooling, humidification, filtering and sterilization. Therefore, it is able to process the 3 quality parameters Keywords

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Offers an air flow of 500 m³ / h, ideal for medium sized rooms. Low power of 70 watts with a water consumption of 1 liter / h and honeycomb structure that improves its efficiency. Programmable timer up to 7.5 hours.

It requires no installation, it is portable and has a command to facilitate its use Swing function; Regulates with a fixed air direction or with an automatic rotating movement to cover the entire room.

2 refrigeration accumulators are included in the contents of the shipment for continuous use. Thanks to 2 freezer accumulators, we can put chilled water in the back tank to cool an average room up to 6º less In cold mode, this saves you up to three times the cost of the electricity, making it the right choice compared to conventional air conditioners because of its low energy consumption It has a heating mode up to 2000 W, ideal for heating an average room in 10 minutes.

It also has an air purifier and aromatherapy mode; Open the rear compartment located behind the control panel and drop a few drops of your favorite perfume to perfume the room Measurements product 74 x 30 x 36 cm

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