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Visco 3D GEL offers optimal cooling sensation delaying the absorption of body heat. during our sleep and contact with the resting surface, It does not reach high temperatures unless you give a common memory foam. Dissipates heat concentration points in areas of contact by keeping the temperature constant. Optimizes breathability, moisture evacuates avoiding sweats and odors helping long rest without interruption. Activated carbon will give us an excellent sense of adaptability to the body at all times by aligning our column to optimize Rest. Activated carbon removes static electricity that builds up during the day, which promotes a lot more sleep relaxing. It also prevents the accumulation of moisture resulting from bad smells, mold and bacteria BASE: 22cm of ELIOCEL / PUR 25kg FACE 1: STRECH quilted carbon fiber fabric 3 cm viscoelastic: + 1.5 cm ViscoGEL + 1.5 cm Soft S.S. FACE 2: 3D quilted fabric + Fireproof fiber (Norm UNE 23727) HEIGHT OF FINISH: 26/28 cm (+ -1)

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Visco GEL 3D provides an optimal feeling of freshness by delaying the absorption of body heat. During our hours of sleep and contact with the rest surface, it does not reach the high temperatures that a common viscoelastic provides us.

It dissipates the concentration of hot spots in the contact areas, maintaining a uniform temperature. It maximizes breathability, evacuates moisture, avoiding sweating and odors, helping to rest for a long time and without interruptions.

Active carbon will give us an excellent feeling of adaptability to the body, aligning our spine at all times to optimize rest. Active carbon eliminates the static electricity that we accumulate every day and that unbalances our body, promoting a much more restful sleep.

CORE: 22cm of ELIOCEL / PUR 25kg. FACE 1: Padded with STRECH Carbon Fiber fabric. 3 cm of memory foam: + 1,5 cm ViscoGEL. + 1.5 cm Soft S.S. SIDE 2: Padded with 3D air fabric. + Fireproof Fiber (UNE 23727 Standard). FINISHED HEIGHT: 26/28 cm (+ -1)