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ECODE Home Gym Fitness Multi Station Biceps Triceps Pectorals Abdominals Lumbars Total Gym 50 exercises

Ref.: ECO-849

The "Total gym" ECO-DE® revolutionizes the Fitness concept with a small, compact and advanced device that you can store anywhere in your home.

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  • The ECO-DE® "Total gym" revolutionizes the concept of fitness with a small, compact and advanced device that you can store anywhere in your home.
  • Complete ultra-compact multi-station fitness: it allows you to train all muscle groups without having to go to a gym. You can perform more than 50 exercises in the comfort of your home regardless of your age or fitness level.
  • Made of steel and with an ultra-resistant system of elastic bands.
  • Product dimensions: folded, 58 x 27 x 67 cm; open, 100 x 60 x 75 cm.
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MULTI ADJUSTABLE GYM STATION: Designed to set up to 50 different sets of routines, includes multiple incline planes. Likewise, it can be folded for easy transport with handle for transport and location, takes up minimal space.

ü  ADJUSTABLE HEADREST, UNIQUE ON THE MARKET: Includes three different positions for the headrest, five positions for the central backrest, four positions for the seat, three for the leg support and three for the feet. It is the only bench on the market with more than 50 different positions. The seat and backrest are also adjustable.

ULTRA COMPACT & SAFE: Designed for professional use, its structure made of reinforced steel withstands up to 220 kg of weight. It includes double steel reinforcement, both in the seat and backrest areas. The anchoring system for feet and legs is a guarantee of reliability.

 TRIPLE LEVEL OF RESISTANCE:  It has an innovative system of elastic tensioners, to exert the necessary force according to its category: Basic, Amateur and Professional, differentiated with three colors, adjusted in two lateral containers. It includes in the pack two handles with foam coating and anchorage for the use of force, as well as two posts for attachment to the feet with anchorage.

DIS ENJOY YOUR TOTAL GYM WITHOUT LEAVING HOME:  You can perform all kinds of gym routines in your own home in a small space. Chest, back, neck, arms, legs, etc. exercises. The backrest, seat and headrest are made of synthetic leather with edged finish and foam with a density of 30kg/m. It is suitable for all sizes. It is the longest bench on the market, having a length of 180 cm horizontally.