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ECODE Treadmill New Walk 1HP with Remote Control, LCD Control Panel, Auto Stop System

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The NEW WALK ECO-DE® treadmill for home use is the most compact on the market. The designers of ECO-DE® have integrated a safety handlebar with a tablet shelf, with a shock absorber system to guarantee its stability. Once your armrest is folded, you can store it under the sofa, bed or in a closet.

Its folded size is: 138 x 70 x 14 cms. It also incorporates wheels so you can move it quickly and easily

ECO-DE® MOTOR: Ultra-quiet 1 CV (less than 68 dB), with a power of 750 w, it allows the speed to be regulated electronically from 0.8 km / h to 8 km / h in 0.1 km / h intervals.

This technology allows us to ensure walking perfectly, adjusting the rhythm of each person perfectly.

DOUBLE SECURITY SYSTEM: the NEW WALK ECO-DE® treadmill incorporates a folding handlebar with double shock absorber, whose rigidity guarantees maximum safety. Indicated so that any senior or rehabilitation person can ensure their stability at all times. Backlit power socket. EC

SAFETY MAGNET: Connect the safety magnet to the belt and hook the clamp to your body, in case of fall or distance the belt will stop automatically.

COMPACT AND EASY TO STORE: the NEW WALK ECO-DE® treadmill has a size of 138x70x110 cm, with a wide track surface of 110x42 cm. The track surface is the largest in relation to the size of the marking tape.

LARGE LCD SCREEN: Thanks to its large format, we will see all the values displayed easily and without distractions. The displayed values are: Speed - Time - Calories consumed - Distance traveled. These values are shown in intervals of 5 seconds (Scan system).

The remote control will allow you to regulate your training speed and time. (default set to 30 min.)

Ideal for walking at a good pace or running, the maximum weight of the user is 120 Kgrs