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ECODE Foldable, Reclining Magnetic Bicycle with Elastic Tensioners for Muscle Training, SLIM BIKE

Ref.: ECO-809

SLIM BIKE is the most innovative magnetic bicycle on the market. With its eight levels of resistance and dual elastic tensioners, you can exercise your body safely and without the risk of injuries, while also completing an intense cardiovascular workout.

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WITH MAGNETIC RESISTANCE AND CARDIO TRAINING LCD.: SLIM BIKE has been developed with a new dual-rail structure, allowing its frame to adapt to all users, regardless of their height and/or weight. YOU CAN ADJUST THE RECLINING ANGLE TO PERFORM ROWING & UPPER BODY ROUTINES, THANKS TO ITS ELASTIC RESISTANCE TENSIONERS

INTUITIVE LCD PANEL - PULSE/DISTANCE/CARDIO/TIME/CALORIES: The "Personal Training" LCD, integrated into the handlebar console, provides clear and real-time information on calories burned, distance traveled, time elapsed, and heart rate. Additionally, heart rate sensors are embedded in the handlebars. It combines cycling and rowing.


EIGHT LEVELS OF RESISTANCE: Depending on your training routine, you can choose from eight levels of resistance, as well as an innovative system of elastic tensioners, to perform rowing and upper body exercises. The frame offers three different positions for the mentioned exercises.


ERGONOMIC, SILENT, AND COMPACT DESIGN: The XL seat is ergonomically designed and made with high-density synthetic leather-covered PUR material. It features an anti-cracking finish and sweat-resistant treatment. The backrest is foldable and adjustable with double lumbar reinforcement, designed with the same treatments as the seat. The non-slip pedals come with multi-sized toe cages for a secure grip. The handlebar is finished with a sweat-resistant and non-slip rubber. The extra-silent belt transmission and magnetic brake system ensure optimal home training, both indoors and outdoors.


FULLY ADJUSTABLE AND FOLDABLE DUAL-RAIL STRUCTURE: The structure (frame) has been made of cast steel and coated at high temperatures for enhanced durability. An innovative resistance system using elastic belts has been incorporated for performing new rowing routines. It allows you to adjust the frame in three positions, as well as the seat, which has five positions, making it virtually adaptable to any user.  PLEGABLE Y FÁCIL DE GUARDAR. 

SLIM BIKE is the most innovative magnetic bicycle on the market. With its eight levels of resistance and dual elastic tensioners, you can exercise your body safely and without the risk of injuries, while also completing an intense cardiovascular workout.

It is designed for use both indoors and outdoors, is foldable, adjustable to any individual, easy to use and transport, as well as to store in any space.

The console has been manufactured with a pedestal to hold mobile phones, tablets, etc.

All handles are covered with anti-slip rubber for a better grip and hold.



  • The most common goals in a gym are: Weight loss, muscle building, and fat reduction. Sometimes, our goal is also to maintain. Our body or improve our health, all our goals are achievable and effective with SLIM BIKE
  • Set your goal: Before starting your routines, prepare a chart with SLIM CYCLE warm-up, perform breathing exercises, use the appropriate resistance, and respect the timing.  It is specially designed for aerobic exercises.
  • You will be able to focus on the areas of your body that you want to improve, without waiting to share the equipment, and repeat your routines as many times as necessary.

However, to achieve all these benefits with your machine, you need to use it properly. Here are some of our tips to get the most out of it.:

  1. Choose and/or adjust the proper position for each exercise. Plan your timing and rest periods.
  2. Secure the machine properly to the floor using its anti-slip stops, always on hard surfaces, never on carpets or similar surfaces.
  3. Keep the surrounding area free from objects and furniture while you perform your workouts.


  • Your height:  This equipment can be adjusted to accommodate your height, but it is advisable to check the technical specifications to verify if it is compatible with your height.
  • Your weight: The models available in the market can support weights up to 80 kg, but our machine, due to its reinforced structure, can withstand weights up to 100 kg.
  • Quality of materials in its structure.:  Undoubtedly, SLIM BIKE is the tool with the highest guarantee in the market when it comes to its structure. Made of reinforced cast steel, its joints have been riveted and tested with weights much higher than the recommended ones, with optimal hardness results. Its innovative design with elastic resistance tensioners makes it the most cutting-edge magnetic bike in the market.
  • Your safety is the most important:  The footrests, grip handles, and removable handle pads are all non-slip and covered with foam and/or rubber for added comfort and stability.
  • Adjustment. You have the option to adjust the frame through three positions. This inclination/recline can be manually adjusted based on your needs, height, and the routines to be followed.
  • Comfort and ergonomics: High-density PUR padding, double stitching for enhanced comfort. It includes an anti-cracking treatment to prevent excessive sweat from causing damage.

COLOR:  Black and green

MATERIAL:  Reinforced steel + PVC + PUR

Double Rail Steel Structure

Elastic Resistance Tensioning System

Approximate Assembled Measurements.: 120 x 105 x 54 cm

Oscillating Backrest with Lumbar Support

Ergonomic Handles with Non-slip Coating

Adjustable Seat with Five Positions

Pedals with Multi-sized Toe Cages

Ergonomic Handlebar

Training Computer LCD (Batteries not included.)

Package Dimension: 118 x 40 x 21 cm

Gross Weight: 17 Kg

Net Weight: 15 Kg

Height Values: Entre 140cm y 190cm

Assembly Difficulty: Low.