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ECODE Ozonator Pro Air and Water Purifier. Working area 25 to 250 m2, timer up to 3h, 4000mg ozone/hour

Ref.: ECO-3184

Ozone is very safe to use, and has many applications, such as air purification, water purification, deodorisation and food sanitation, among others.

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  • The Ozonator Pro offers a working area of 25 to 250 m2 with a dispersion of 3600mg ozone/hour and can be programmed to operate for up to 3 hours.
  • The main functions of the Ozonator Pro are as follows: Anti Bacteria, Anti Fungus, Anti Protozoa...
  • Timer up to 3 hours: 3600mg of ozone per hour.
  • It has a tube to purify/ozone more specific areas: such as a glass of water, food, personal hygiene...
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Ozone has many applications, such as air and water purification, deodorization, and food sanitation, among others.

Ozone O3 is a colorless and odorless gas made up of three oxygen atoms (03). It occurs naturally in small (trace) amounts in the upper atmosphere (the stratosphere).

When using this appliance for air treatment purposes, it is recommended that it be used in unoccupied spaces.


ANTI BACTÉRIES - ANTI BACTERIA - Disinfects air and water from a large number of bacteria.

ANTI VIRUS - can destroy 99.999% of viruses (HAV) 100% in seconds or minutes. may inactivate a virus in the air. In water, 03 can completely kill Polio Virus I (PVI).

ANTI PROTOZOANS - Studies indicate that ozone can eliminate protozoa and their eggs, its killing rate reaches 99.9%


Simply set the timer on the purifier to select the duration of the OZONE treatment.

Avoid placing the diffuser stone at the end of the OZONE supply line too close to metal or rubber objects, as high levels of OZONE will oxidize these objects.

Srface de travail: de 25 à 250 m2

Functioning: 0,5 à 180 MIN (3 heures)


It can be used to purify water in spas, bathtubs ... It can also be used to purify well water, it eliminates undesirable flavors, odors and colors caused by iron, copper, chlorine, manganese and organic matter.

The use of ozonated water in personal and body hygiene produces truly spectacular effects by providing a complete and deep cleansing of the pores.


. Fight allergies

. Eliminate viruses and bacteria

. Combat bad odors from drains, cabinets, humidity, foot odor ... ...

Disinfects living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, clothes, shoes, pets, removes the smell of tobacco, the smell of insecticides ...


* Daily a minimum of one hour before sleeping.

* The use of ozone once a week or every 15 days in normal environment.

* The use of ozone in exceptional cases..

* Place the device at 30 cm. from the walls and ceilings, and at 100cm. from television and PC.

* Elimination of bad odors.

* People affected by flu or colds