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ECODE Treadmill Fit Perform, Foldable, DSA, Mp3, 15º Electric Incline, 12 Programs, 16 Km / H ECO-2598

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Auto Programs: 12 specific programs according to our training level. They combine speeds and inclinations fully Automatic. They allow to enhance aerobic performance and muscle mass. Simulate mountain, city, running training.

Speed from 1-16 Km / h. Semi professional training, with speed regulation.

Fit Perform LCD Multifunction display: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories consumed, Program in use 1-12, Heart rate. MP3 input with double HiFI Stereo system. Direct Buttons: 3 - 6 - 9 speed. 3 - 6 - 9 Inclination

Advanced Treadmill Fit Perform

Foldable: The FIT PERFORM treadmill is easily foldable. In addition, its 4 wheels for easy transport will facilitate transport.

Fit Perform Safety

Safety magnet: Connect the safety magnet to the strap and hook the clip to your body, in case of falling or moving away the strap will stop automatically.

ECO Motor

3 CV DC of power with a motor of maximum power and minimum consumption. Minimum noise thanks to its internal mechanism. Auto Incline System: Select between 1 and 15º incline while using the ECODE Fit Perform tape.

Damping system: DSA Dual Shock Absorber + Blue Shock Absorber pads and discs